Major new features in Akwatype

Major new features in Akwatype

The Akwatype 2022-02 release is out ! Here are some highlights from this release:

Pack your models for maximum reuse of your descriptions

Save time, increase the consistency of the data exchanged by your APIs and control the version management of your models more finely!
Much expected by Akwatype users, this new feature allows to import models into a new model. All descriptions of the imported models can then be used directly in the new model.
import Akwatype.png
๐Ÿ‘‰ how to manage and import packages

Reconstruct and display the model of the type on which a facade was built to immediately understand the underlying business model

The business data representation can be highly transformed to meet the needs of each API or message.
It then becomes difficult to fully understand the nature of the data exposed in each context
Akwatype now allows to reverse and display the underlying business model of a facade, independently of the transformations performedes.
In 1 click, the nature of the exposed data becomes clear whatever the context
๐Ÿ‘‰ how to find the underlying types of a facade

Speed up the initialization of your models of type

Accelerate the initialization of your models with the import of components from an OpenAPI V 3 or a SQL DDL

Increase productivity with simpler contextual menus and improved navigation

Thank you for your feedback! They have guided us to develop the necessary improvements to make Akwatype even more fluid.
  • Display of data models directly from the service description
  • Introduction of sub-menus to facilitate access to functions
  • Return to previous changes: ctrl + Q
  • Return to previous positions in the editor : ctrl + left arrow & ctrl + right arrow
  • Comment/Uncomment one or more lines: ctrl + C

image 4.png

๐Ÿ‘‰ how to use the editor