Major new features in Akwatype 2023.2

Major new features in Akwatype 2023.2

The Akwatype 2023.2 release is out ! Here are some highlights from this release:

Simplified reuse of fields of another type

Introduction of the "using" instruction to easily import the declaration of fields of another type into the current type
When a new type is created, the fields of the type used by the "using" instruction are inserted where "using" is declared.
It is of course possible to declare several using to insert fields of different types.

"using" is compatible with extends, and the notion of abstract type, which we can now reserve for more advanced use cases like polymophisme.


Possible overload of all metadatas of reused fields

Ability to override all metadatas (label, glossary, required, min, max, regex...) associated with reused fields

  • imported by using or extends at type level
  • used by facades with the amendedFields section


Use of the exclamation mark to indicate that a field is mandatory

This syntax shortcut simplifies the declaration of mandatory fields in descriptions.
The symbol is used in data schemas


Optimizing the use of glossaries

•    Multilingual search for a glossary entry from type definition
•    Added navigation shortcuts between type definitions and glossaries for