Major new features in Akwatype 2024.1

Major new features in Akwatype 2024.1

The Akwatype 2023.2 release is out ! Here are some highlights from this release:

Sharing models with all players involved in a project. 

Akwatype now offers new html reports that mix a graphical representation of a model (or part of it) with a list of entities and fields.

  • Links are used to navigate from the graphical representation to the list and between fields and entities within the list. 
  • The exported document can be used completely independently of Akwatype


Use of colors and business names on entities

The addition of business names, and the use of colors to identify the model's functional sub-sections, make model representations much easier to understand. 


Integration of html exports in the Akwatype user interface 

An html export can now be used in the editor's model projection area to view entities and fields.

Completely integrated into the user interface, these projection of  report allow you to view modifications in progress, as well as to navigate in the editor using links in the list.