Adopt the Data Flow First approach

Akwatype is a Data Flow First API design platform that facilitates collaboration between architects, developers and product owners.

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Free the APIs of your applications.

With the generalization of the API design first approach, the design of APIs design increasingly precedes the development of applications. We want to provide project teams with practical and efficient tools dedicated to the design of their API very early in the project.

We deploy Akwatype's Data Flow First approach as part of our data science and data engineering projects.
The design and documentation of data exchanges and API are critical to the success of these projects at our clients.

Robert Vesoul - CEO Illuin Technology

Align your APIs to a shared data model

The applications in your domains cooperate by relying on API. The Data Flow First approach puts data and flow modeling first. For a more agile design of your API.

Ensure the consistency of the data you display

Create a shared data model that is independent of your applications.

Master the design of your APIs and Events

Design your APIs and Events on a common base to ensure the consistency of your flows.

Accelerate your API design

Reuse your components efficiently to design new APIs or their evolutions

How it works

1️⃣ Define your API components

Data types, properties, examples, API structure ... formalize all the elements of your APIs into reusable components.

2️⃣ Visualize your Data Flow directly

Simulate your data flows graphically. Akwatype automatically transforms your data flows into flow charts understandable by all your teams.

3️⃣ Generate your API contracts

Automatically create documentation and contracts in standard OpenAPI and AsyncAPI formats directly from Akwatype

3 good reasons to switch to Data Flow First

Create an API and Event mapping accessible to all

Explore your APIs/Events and the description of the data that flows through them with Akwatype.

From data and flow modeling, Akwatype dynamically produces Flow Charts and Graphic Representation of Data Models to share a common understanding of exchanges.

Put data modeling at the heart of your API design

Model your business model, and make the data used by your APIs look the way you want them to look with Akwatype** facades - a partial selection of data on a business object.

Build your data examples on your business objects. Our xAdapt transformation engine will automatically transform them to match your API content.

Interpreting your APIs becomes a breeze

Involve all project stakeholders in designing APIs around Akwatype, then automatically generate the necessary documentation in OpenAPI and AsyncAPI format.

The devs will then be able to focus on development in the implementation phase.

Who is Akwatype for ?

IT Architect / Developers

They model the type model, the facades and the services in collaboration with Data and Business Analyst. They feed the development process
with the generated OpenAPI descriptions.

Data Analyst / Business Analyst

They participate in the definition of the type model as well as in the validation of data
exposed by the APIs and events (messages).
They use Akwatype graphs and exports to better understand the structuring of the flows and the transported data

Project Manager

They orchestrate the collaboration
around the design process of
of APIs and messages.
It has at any time a detailed and coherent documentation on the data exchanges of its project.

The Data Flow First approach presented at France API 2022

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